MARTHA ARGERICH and FRIENDS   HOMAGE to IVRY GITLIS@@3 June, 2022,  Sumida Triphony Hall, Tokyo

‚m‚g‚j BSp  Broadcasted on 31 August, 2022@@HD, Blu-ray
‚m‚g‚j BS4K  Broadcasted on 26 September, 2022@@


    1. Workshop by Martha Argerich and Ayana Tsuji  - Partial introduction

    2. About Ivry Gitlis@ipartj      Martha Argerich

    3. Franck   Violin Sonata in A major

@@@@@@@@@ Violin: Ayana Tsuji@@@Piano: Martha Argerich

    4.  Lutosławski   Variation on a Theme by Paganini for 2 pianos

@@@@@@@@@ Piano 1: Akane Sakai iShigeru Kawaij@@@Piano 2: Martha Argerich (Steinwayj

    5. Chopin   Variations in A major "Souvenir de Paganini"

@@@@@@@@@ Piano 1: Martha Argerich (Shigeru Kawaij

    6. Kreisler   Liebesleid

@@@@@@@@@ Violin: Ayana Tsuji@@@Piano: Martha Argerich iShigeru Kawaij

    7. W. A. Mozart   Sonata in D major, K.381 (123a)  for Piano for 4 hands  - 3rd movement

@@@@@@@@@ Piano 1: Akane Sakai@@@Piano 2: Martha Argerich@ (Shigeru Kawaij


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