1. Beethoven   Sonata for Piano and Violoncello No.5 in D major, Op.102-2

 2. Debussy   Sonata in G major, for Violoncello and Piano


 3. Schumann   Fantasiestrücke for Cello and Piano, Op.73

 4. Shostakovich   Sonata for Violoncello and Piano in D minor, Op.40

@@ ---encores---

 5. Chopin   Sonata for Piano and Violoncello in G minor, Op.65  - Largo

@@ 6. Chopin   Introduction et polonaise brillante, Op.3

@@ 7.   ?

@@ 8. Schumann   Märchenbilder for Cello and Piano, Op.113  (transcr. Misha Maisky)@- 1. Nicht schnell


@@@@@@@@@@Cello : Mischa Maisky


                                   29 September 1999. Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires.

                                   Live radio broadcast