1. J. S. Bach@@Englische Suite No.2 in A minor, BWV.807

 2. Schumann@@Piano Sonata No.2 in G minor, Op.22

 3. Ravel@@Jeux d`eau  (* Incomplete: Anterior half is not recorded.)

 4. Liszt@@Funérailles@- Harmonies poétiques et religieuses

 5. Chopin@@Ballade No.3 in A-flat major, Op.47

 6. Chopin@@Mazurka No.26 in C-sharp minor, Op.41-1

 7. Chopin@@Mazurka in F minor, Op.63-2

 8. Chopin@@Mazurka  No.23 in D major, Op.33-2

 9. Chopin@@Scherzo No.2 in B-flat minor, Op.31

        --- encore ---

10. Chopin@@Mazurka in No.15 in C major, Op.24-2


                     8 September, 1967      Freemasonfs Hall,  Edinburgh Festival

                     Live radio broadcast


N.B. Possibly 1969, but the date above is according to the National Sound Archive of England. Argerich repeated this program in Buenos Aires 1969 and for her debut tour in Japan 1970 (By Mr.Björn Östlund).