NHK-FM  Best of Classic  "Chamber Music Concert  - Argerich meets Friends"  19 July, 2018 and 11 June, 2019@wav

30 May, 2018  At the b-con plaza, Philharmonia Hall, Beppu

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@@1. G. F. Händel = J. Halvorsen   Passacaille for Violin and Viola

@@@@@@@‚u‚‰‚‚Œ‚‰‚Ž: Kyoko Takezawa@@Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto

@2. Schumann   Märchenbilder for Viola and Piano, Op.113

@@@@@@@Viola: Lyda Chen Argerich @@@Piano: Martha Argerich

@3. B. Martinů   Duo for Violin and Violoncello, H.157

@@@@@@@Violin: Yasushi Toyoshima@@  Cello: Kaeko Mukoyama

@4. Debussy   Sonata in G major, for Violoncello and Piano

@@@@@@@Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto@@@Piano: Martha Argerich

@5. A. Piazzolla iarr. by Kazuma Miuraj@@Le Grand Tango

@@@@@@@Bandoneon: Kazuma Miura@@@Viola: Lyda Chen Argerich@@@Cello: Kaeko Mukoyama

@6. W. A. Mozart   Duo for Violin and Viola in G major, K.423

@@@@@@@‚u‚‰‚‚Œ‚‰‚Ž: Kyoko Takezawa@@Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto

@7. Mendelssohn   Trio No.1 in D minor for Piano, Violin and Cello, Op.49

@@@@@@@Piano: Martha Argerich@@Violin: Yasushi Toyoshima@@  Cello: Kaeko Mukoyama