Music Festival Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu '02

22-29 April, 2002     Official Website


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The SCHEDULE that Argerich came on the stage.

 26 April iFRIj@  19:00 -  @   Oita/Grand Theater, OASIS 21@@@                         Orchestra Concert

 27 April (SAT)@  16:00 -@@   Beppu/b-con plaza, Philharmonia Hall@@@@              Chamber Music Concert

 29 April (MON)   18:00 -@@   Beppu/b-con plaza, Philharmonia Hall@@@@              Orchestra Concert

 29 April (MON)   21:30 -@@   Beppu/Suginoi Hotel, Restaurant "Shangri La"@@@@ A Dinner Party with Thailand Princess Galyani.

- The Schedule of this festival  (quoted from the program) -



The PROGRAM that Argerich came on the stage.


 26 April iFRIj@@Orchestra Concert

@1. J. S. Bach/Sitkovetsky   Prelude for String in B minor from Welltempered Clavier Book No.1, No.24 BWV.869

@2. W. A. Mozart   Divertimento for Strings in B-flat major, K.137

@3. Shostakovich   Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra  Op.35

@@        ---Encore---

@4. Shostakovich   Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra  Op.35   - 4th. movement

@@@@@@@@Solo Trumpet: Sergei Nakariakov@@@@Piano: Martha Argerich

*The NHK-TV program of  "News 10" telecasted about this music festival (30 April, 2002).



@5. Pärt   Fratres for Violin, Strings and Percussion

@6. Tartini/Kreisler   "Devil Trill" Sonata for Violin, Strings and Organ

@@        ---Encore---

@7. J. S. Bach   The Partita for Solo Violin No.2 in D minor, BWV.1004@- Sarabande

@@@@@@@@Conductor&Violin: Dmitry Sitkovetsky

@@@@@@@@The Special Orchestra of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music for Beppu Argerich Music Festival


 27 April (SAT)@@Chamber Music Concert

@1. Kreisler   Liebesleid

@2. Kreisler   Schoen Rosmarin

@3. Granados/Kreisler   Danzas españolas op.37

@4. Kreisler   Tambourin chinois

@@@@@@@@Violin: Géza Hosszu-Legocky@@@Piano: Akane Sakai

@5. Dovořák   String Quartet No.12 in F major, Op.96  "America"@

@@@@@@@@Quartet Vis-à-vis iViolin: Kana Sugimura,  Makiko Yoshioka,  Viola: Tsubasa Sakaguchi,  Cello: Masanori Dendaj

@6. Janáček   Sonata for Violin and Piano

@@@@@@@@Violin: Takashi Shimizu@@@Piano: Mirabela Dina


@7. Prokofiev   Sonata for 2 Violins in C major, Op.56

@@@@@@@@Violin: Dmitry Sitkovetsky,  Takashi Shimizu

@8. Schumann/Nakariakov   Fantasiestrücke for Flugelhorn and Piano, Op.73

@9. Poulenc   Les chemins de lfamour

@@@@@@@@Flugelhorn: Sergei Nakariakov@@@Piano: Mirabela Dina

10. Poulenc   Eiffel Tower Polka

@@@@@@@@Trumpet: Sergei Nakariakov@@@Piano: Mirabela Dina

*NHK-TV telecasted about Sergei Nakariakov at this music festival itelecasted on 19 May, 2002j.


11. Dovořák   Quintet for piano in A major, Op.81

@@@@@@@@Piano: Karin Merle@@@@Quartet Vis-à-vis


12. W. A. Mozart   Sonata for Piano, Four hands in C major, K.19d

@@@@@@@@Piano: Karin Merle,    Martha Argerich

13. Prokofiev   Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2 in D major, Op.94a

@@@@@@@@Violin: Dmitry Sitkovetsky@@@Piano: Martha Argerich


 29 April (MON)    Orchestra Concert

@1. Berlioz   "Le carnaval romain" Overture, Op.9

@2. Saint-Saëns    Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso, Op.28

@@@@@@@@Violin: Géza Hosszu-Legocky

@3. Ravel   Piano Concerto in G major

@@        ---Encore---

@4. Kreisler   Liebesleid

@@@@@@@@Violin: Géza Hosszu-Legocky@@@Piano: Martha Argerich


@5. Debussy   Debussy  Prélude à l'Après - midi d'un Faune

@6. Musorgsky/Ravel   Pictures at an Exhibition

@@        ---Encore---

@7. Bizet   L'Arlésienne  Deuxième Suite  -4. Farandole


@@@@@@@@Charles Dutoit/The Special Orchestra of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music for Beppu Argerich Music Festival

                          The participated instructor/Violin: Takashi Shimizu,  Viola: Kaoru Ohno,  Cello: Fumiaki Kono,  Contrabass: Yoshio Nagashima,
                                                                  Trumpet: Mineo Sugimoto,  Percussion: Makoto Aruga



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The official report



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