Music Festival Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu '12

9-22 May, 2012


The leaflet (left) and the program (right).



The SCHEDULE that Argerich came on the stage. Theme of this festival: "Vibrant Future"

 12 May iSATj@ 16:00 -      Beppu/b-con plaza, Philharmonia Hall@@@   Marathon Concert

 19 May iSATj@ 17:00 -      Oita/Iichiko Grand Theater (OASIS 21j       Orchestra Concert

 22 May iTUEj@ 17:00 -      Tokyo/National Museum of Western Art@@ Pinocchio Concert  -Concert nurturing children and adults at the National Museum of Western Art.

- The Schedule of this festival  (quoted from the program). -



The PROGRAM that Argerich came on the stage.


12 May iSATj@  Marathon Concert    iBeppu/b-con plaza, Philharmonia Hallj

The program.

@1. Telemann   Twelve Fantasies for Viola Solo  - No.7 in A flat major

@@@@@@@@@@@Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto

@2. Toshiro Mayuzumi   BUNRAKU

@@@@@@@@@@@Cello: Youn Soung

@3. Debussy   Sonata for Violin and Piano@@

@@@@@@@@@@@Violin: Geza Hosszu-Legocky    Piano: Martha Argerich

@4. Ravel   Sonata for Violin and Cello

@@@@@@@@@@@Violin: Takashi Shimizu@@Cello: Youn Soung


@5. Ysaÿe   Solo Violin Sonata No.2 in A minor

@@@@@@@@@@@Violin: Takashi Shimizu

@6. Zarębski   Piano Quintet in G  major, Op.34

@@@@@@@@@@@Piano: Martha Argerich@@Violin: Takashi ShimizuGeza Hosszu-Legocky @@Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto@@Cello: Youn Soung


@7. Debussy   String Quartet in G minor, Op.10

@@@@@@@@@@@Violin: Takashi Shimizu,  Ryota Kuratomi@@Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto@@Cello: Youn Soung

@8. Franck   Sonata in A major, for Violin and Piano

@@@@@@@@@@@Violin: Geza Hosszu-Legocky @@Piano: Martha Argerich


@9. Scriabin   Piano Sonata No.3 in F-flat minor, Op.23

10. Debussy   Images 1  `1. Reflets dans l'eau@2. Reflets dans l'eau@3. Mouvement

11. Chopin   12 Etudes  Op.10


12. Schumann/Liszt   "Widmung"

@@@@@@@@@@@Piano: Daniil Olegovich Trifonov


19 May iSATj@  Orchestra Concert@@ iOita/Iichiko Grand Theater, (OASIS 21j

The program.

@1. Shchedrin   Concerto for Piano and Violoncello  "Romantic Offering"

@@@@@@@@@@@Piano: Martha Argerich@@Cello: Mischa Maisky

@@@@@@@@@@@Ken Takaseki/Toho Gakuen Orchestra

@2. Debussy   Sonata in G major, for Violoncello and Piano


@3. R. Strauss iarr. by Maiskyj   4 Lieder Op.27 TrV 170 No.4 "Morgen"

@@@@@@@@@@@Cello: Mischa Maisky@@Piano: Martha Argerich


@4. Tchaikovsky   Symphony No.4 in F minor, Op.36


@5. Bizet   L'Arlésienne  Suite No2  - No.4 "Farandole"

@@@@@@@@@@@Ken Takaseki/Toho Gakuen Orchestra

The member of Toho Gakuen Orchestra.


 22 May iTUEj@  Pinocchio Concert @ iTokyo/National Museum of Western Artj@  -Concert nurturing children and adults at the National Museum of Western Art.

The program.

@1. Debussy   Sonata in G major, for Violoncello and Piano

@@@@@@@@@@@Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto@@Piano: Martha Argerich

@2. Ravel   Ma Mère l'Oye@ifor 4 handsj

@@@@@@@@@@@@@Piano 1: Martha Argerich      Piano 2: Kyoko Ito


@3. W. A. Mozart   Sonata in D major, K.381 (123a)  for Piano for 4 hands  - 3rd movement: Allego molto

@@@@@@@@@@@@Piano 1:Kyoko Ito @@@Piano 2: Martha Argerich

@@@@@@@@@@@Talk: Kyoko Ito



The goods.

From the program.

The official report.