15th Anniversary
Music Festival Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu '13

6-19 May, 2013


The leaflet (left) and the program (right).


The SCHEDULE that Argerich came on the stage. Theme of this festival: "Vibrant Future"

  6 May iSATj@ 20:00 -      Seoul/Arts Center@@@   Argerich & Maisky Duo Concert   ¨   Maisky Solo Concert

 11 May iSATj@ 17:00 -      Beppu/b-con plaza, Philharmonia Hall@@@   Argerich & Maisky Duo Concert

 18 May iSATj@ 16:00 -      Oita/Iichiko Grand Theater (OASIS 21j       Gala Concert - Sounds taht weave together history.

- The Schedule of this festival  (quoted from the program). -



The PROGRAM that Argerich came on the stage.

11 May iSATj@  Argerich & Maisky Duo Concert    iBeppu/b-con plaza, Philharmonia Hallj

The program.

@1. Stravinsky iarr. Stravinsky & Piatigorskyj   "Suite Italienne" from "Pulcinella"

 @@@@ 1. Introduzione: Allegro moderato

@@@@@2. Serenata: Larghetto

@@@@@3. Aria: Allegro alla breve - Largo

@@@@@4. Tarantella: Vivace

@@@@@5. Minuetto e Finale: Moderato - Molto vivace

@2. Beethoven   Sonata for Piano and Violoncello No.2 in G minor, Op.5-2

@@@@@1.@Adagio sostenuto e espressivo - attacca:

                         Allegro moltp più tosto presto

@@@@@2.@Rondo. Allegro


@3. Schubert   Sonata for Arpeggione and Piano in A minor, D.821

@@@@  1.@Allegro moderato



@4. Chopin   Introduction et polonaise brillante, Op.3


@4. Schumann   Fantasiestrücke for Cello and Piano, Op.73

@5. Chopin   Sonata for Piano and Violoncello in G minor, Op.65  - 3.@Largo

@6. Shostakovich   Sonata for Violoncello and Piano in D minor, Op.40  - 2. Allegro

@@@@@@@@@@@Cello: Mischa Maisky@@Piano: Martha Argerich

Usuki Stone Buddhist Images  - Seated Amida Nyorai ˆ’–ν‘Ι”@—ˆΐ‘œ.

18 May iSATj@  Gala Concert - Sounds taht weave together history.@@ iOita/Iichiko Grand Theater, (OASIS 21j

The program.

@1. G. Cassado   Suite for Unacompanied Violomcello  - 1. Preludio - Fantasia@2. Sardana iDanzaj

@@@@@@@@@@@Cello: Youn Soung

@2. F. Mendelssohn   Violin Concerto in D minor (arr. for Trumpet)

@@@@@@@@@@@@@Trumpet: Sergei Nakariakov

@@@@@@@@@@@Robert Lehrbaumer/MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu 15th Anniversary Special Ensemble.


@3. J. S. Bach   Partita for Unacompanied Violin No.2 in D minor, BWV.1004  -   Chaconne

@@@@@@@@@@@@@Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto

@4. Vivardi   Violin Concertos "The Four Seasons" from "Il cimento dell'armonie dell'invenzione" Op.8

          No.1 in E major RV269  "Spring"    Solo Violin: Takashi Shimizu

          No.2 in G minor RV315  "Summer"    Solo Violin: Shiori Terauchi

          No.3 in F major RV293  "Autumn"    Solo Violin: Koichi Yokomizo

          No.4 in F minor RV297  "Winter"    Solo Violin: Ribon Aida

@@@@@@@@@@@Conductor&Cembalo: Robert Lehrbaumer/MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu 15th Anniversary Special Ensemble

@@@@@@@MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu 15th Anniversary Special Ensemble.

@@@@@@@@@@@Violin: Takashi Shimizu, Kyoko Une,  Ryota Kuratomi,  Aya Kono,  MIsato Taguchi,  Shiori Taguchi,  Koichi Yokomizo

@@@@@@@@@@@Viola: Yoshiko Kawamoto,  Maiko Takiguchi@@Cello: Youn Soung,  Jing Zhao@@Contrabass: Tetsuro Ichikawa


@5. Tchaikovsky   Trio for Piano, Violin and Violoncello in A minor, Op.50

@@@@@1.@Pezzo elegiaco: Moderato assai - Allegro giusto - In tempo molto sostenuto - 

                         Adagio con duole e ben sostenuto - Moderato assai - Allegro giusto

@@@@@2.@Tema con variazion: Andante con moto -

                    Ver.‡T: -

                    Ver.‡U: Più mosso -

                    Ver.‡V: Allegro moderato -

                    Ver.‡W: L'istesso tempo (Allegro moderato) -

                    Ver.‡X: L'istesso tempo -

                    Ver.‡Y: Tempo di Valse

                    Ver.‡Z: Allegro moderato -

                    Ver.‡[: Fuga (Allegro moderato) -

                    Ver.‡\: Andante flebile, ma non tanto -

                    Ver ‡]: Tempo di Mazurka -

                    Ver.: Moderato

                    Variazione finale e Coda :  Allegretto risoluto e con fuoco -

                    [Coda] Andante con molto - Lugubre

@@@@@@@@@@@Piano: Martha Argerich@@Violin: Takashi Shimizu@@Cello: Jing Zhao


@6. Schumann   Fantasiestrücke, Op.12  - 7.Traumes Wirren

@7. "The Special Piano for Martha Argerich" presentation ceremony.


The goods.

From the program.

The official report.


At the Oita Airport (Very far from Oita/Beppu City. Inconvenient !).