Special Exchange Program with Ms Martha Argerich and the Higashiyama Elementary School Orchestral Club

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     A gdream eventh took place on the night of July 23, 2002. Ms Argerich joined the Higashiyama Elementary School Orchestra to perform the 1st movement from Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1. At the time Ms Argerich commented, gThe 3rd movement is exciting, Letfs play now !h.Unfortunately, the orchestra was not ready to rehearse the number then and had to postpone the performance. This became a reality the following year on Saturday, October 18, 2003 at the Meguro Persimmon Hall. Mr. Chikara Iwamura conducted the performance once again. This DVD/Video is a record of that event.

     The evening started with the 4th movement from Beethoven Symphony No.5 conducted by Ms Norie Nagasue, Conductor for the Orchestral Club. Ms Argerich was scheduled to arrive in time (4 p.m.) for the rehearsal playing Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1, but she had failed to arrive at the concert hall. With consecutive concerts almost every night, Ms Argerich was fatigued very much. Moreover, because she is a night type person, normally sleeping in until two or three in the afternoon, the four ofclock appointment was a bit too early for her. Mr. Iwamura made contact with Ms Argerichfs driver by cell phone directly from stage advising the audience as to the progress report of her approaching the concert site. The audience seemed to enjoy this humorous exchange. Shortly after that she did manage to arrive and successfully finished the rehearsal. The whole piece was played this year. In the first part Ms Argerich created a concerto with Mr. Iwamura conducting. Following the intermission the creation was demonstrated throughout in the concert.  The encore number was the same as last year, playing D. Scarlattii Sonata in D minor, K.141=L.422. To finish off the great evening, the Higashiyama Chorus sang bidding farewell to Ms Argerich and Mr. Iwamura.

     After the event, NHK interviewed Ms Argerich. This was aired on gOhayo Nipponh and gMetropolitan Networkh both on NHK main channel on October 20, 2003 as well as on gNHK Worldh NHK BS-1. Part of the broadcast is available on DVD and Video. NHK Educational TV also interviewed Ms Argerich on its special Spanish Language Program which aired during the late December 2003 and early 2004. Ms Argerich greets the program viewers in Spanish, a very rare footage indeed !


                          Recording Date:  18 October, 2003 (live)

                        Recording Place:   Meguro Persimmon Hall, Tokyo

                                  Producer:  Shoji Sato (Kajimoto Concert Management Co., Ltd.)

                              Production :  Higashiyama Elementary School (Principal: Kenichi Shimizu)

@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Cosponsor : The Meguro Ward Educational Board

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Meguro Foundation of Art and Culture

                            Cooperation :  Kajimoto Concert Management Co., Ltd.

                                                 The Patrons of the Special Orchestral Club

                                                 Digimix Creative


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     Ms Argerich paired with Mr. Nelson Freire on October 12 at the Aubade Hall, Toyama and displayed a historical great performance playing Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1 with Riccard Chailly / Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi. She was exceptionally fond of the fast tempo in the third verse. Not incidentally, October 18th was Mr. Freire's birthday. The renowned duo celebrated his birthday at a sushi shop in downtown Tokyo. She seemed to be having a great time throughout the evening forgetting about her pressure performing in concerts.

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