Japan tour of 1996.  "NHK Symphony Orchestra, 70th Anniversary Special Concert"  The leaflet (left) and the program (right).




20 December (FRI)@  19:00 -     Tokyo/NHK Hall

21 December (SAT)@15:00 -     Tokyo/NHK Hall




@@1. Ravel   Alborada del Gracioso

@@2. Chopin   Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor, Op.11

@@@--- Interval ---

@@3. Berlioz   Symphonie Fantastique Op.14


@@@@@@@@@@Charles Dutoit/NHK Symphony Orchestra


                      Recording Date:  21 December, 1996 (live)

                     Recording Place:  NHK Hall, Tokyo

                              Recording:  NHK.    TV was broadcasted on 1996    NHK-3ch: "NHK Symphony hour" Broadcasting: 2

                                                                                                      NHK-BS2:  Broadcasting: 1 to 3 (complete telecasting version)


@*  The interview by Annie Dutoit (the music journalist/the daughter of Argerich and Dutoit) was also telecasted by NHK-3ch: "NHK Symphony hour".      (recording date: 22 December, 1996)

from NHK-3ch  "NHK Symphony hour"   VHS (NTSC)

     Summary: Argerich was scheduled to do a joint concert with Dutoit when they arrived in 1974. But because they had a fight, she cancelled the event and went home. Later they officially divorced so the event seemed like a distant event for the Japanese audience. Their long wait was finally ended when NHK Symphony Orchestra invited both Argerich and Dutoit to do a special joint concert commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Orchestra. This was the first performance by Argerich with NHK Symphony Orchestra, and of course, her first joint performance with Dutoit in Japan. This memorable event was even more meaningful because Dutoit was also functioning as NHK Symphony's Music Director. Annie Dutoit, a music journalist and daughter of Argerich and Dutoit, also made her Japanese debut by conducting an interview with Dutoit for NHK's program "Stage Door". And it is also interesting to note that Argerich noticed her pregnancy (baby was Annie) when she just arrived for the first time in Japan in 1970. A lot of first time events for the family members !  The interview went on to disclose various episodes including how Dutoit and Argerich first met, about their first joint concert in January of 1958 (Ravel Piano Concerto/Argerich was the first soloist for Dutoit).


At the hotel after the concert (21 December).

Dressed in Kimono, a gift from a  Japanese fan.@@© Yu K.