- The Special Memorial Concert of the Centenary of Friendship Between Japan and Argentina -

The Leaflet (left) and the program (right) of the "Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional Argentina" of 1998.



SCHEDULE iPiano Concerto onlyj

 25 May (MON)@19:00 -    Tokyo/Bunkamura Orchard Hall

               Presented by Embassy of Argentina and Music Office Sautillé Co. LTD.

               Supported by Organization Committee for Centenary of Friendship between Japan and Argentina.




@@1. National Anthem of Argentina      *25 May is the national holyday of Argentina "Primer Gobierno Patrio".

@@2. National Anthem of Japan  "Kimigayo"

@@3. Ginastera   Obertura del "Fausto Criollo", Op.9

@@4. Piazzolla   Concierto de Lieja para Bandoneón, Guitarra y orquesta

@@@@@@@@@@@@Guitarra: Eduard Issac@@@Bandoneón: Daniel Binelli

@@5. Falla   de "El Sombrero de Tres Picos"

@@@@@@@@@@@@Fandango : Danza del molinera

@@@@@@@@@@@@Seguidilla : Los vecinos

@@@@@@@@@@@@Farruca : Danza del molinero

@@@@@@@@@@@@Jota : Danza final

@@@--- Interval ---

@@6. Ravel   Piano Concerto in G major

@@@        --- Encore ---

@@7. Ginastera   Danzas argentinas, Op.2  - 2. Dance of the Delightful Young Girl


@@8. Ravel   Boléro

@@@--- Encore ---

@9. Gardel/Lepera   Mi Buenos Aires querido

@@@@@@@@@@@@Pedro Ignacio Calderón/Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional Argentina  


At the party of Embassy of Argentina in Japan ( 8 December, 1997j@@© Yu K.

     She is a renowned VIP for Argentina. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ties between Japan and Argentina, a special joint concert was hosted in Japan with Argerich and the special Argentinian Orchestra. Argerich has not performed in her native Argentina for 12 years. If such a concert was held it is feared that the country's fans would even create a panic situation from such strong desire and passion for her music. It must have been a real honor for the orchestra members to be able to perform with Argerich in Japan.