The Japan tour - Concerto Abend -

The Leaflet of Tokyo (left), the Program (center) and the Leaflet of Osaka (right) 




 28 May (THU)@19:00`@ Tokyo/Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space

 30 May (SAT)  19:00`@ Osaka/The Symphony Hall




@@Beethoven Concerto No. 2 was originally scheduled to be both played and conducted by Argerich, but the conducting part was changed to Alexandre Rabinovitch.


@@1. W. A. Mozart   Concerto No.19 in F major for Piano and Orchestra, K.459

@@@@@@@@@@Piano and Conductor: Alexandre Rabinovich    Hibiki String Orchestra

@@2. Alexandre Rabinovitch   Incantations (1996)      CD

@@@@@@@@@amplified piano and celesta: Martha Argerich

                   vibraphones, marimbas: Momoko Kamiya, Mitsuyo Wada, Naoaki Kobayashi, Hidemi Murase

                       electric guiter: Daisuke Suzuki

                  Alexandre Rabinovitch/Hibiki String Orchestra

@@@ --- Interval ---

@@3. Beethoven   Piano Concerto No.2 in B-flat major, Op.19

@@@@@@@@@@Piano: Martha Argerich    Alexandre Rabinovitch/Hibiki String Orchestra

@@@ --- Encore (Tokyo and Osaka) ---

@@4. Beethoven   Piano Concerto No.2 in B-flat major, Op.19  - 3rd movement

@@5. Ravel   Ma Mère l'Oye@ifor 4 handsj  - 3. Laideronnette, Impératrice des Pagodes

@@@@@@@@@@Piano 1: Martha Argerich,@Piano 2: Alexandre Rabinovitch

The member of the Hibiki String Orchestra



At the Sushi Bar (28 May, 1998j@@© Yu K.

After the concert she tries to rest up a little and then go out to dine. She is known to be a great fan of Sushi and she often visits a Sushi shop. She is also very skillful with chopsticks.