First Release CD: "MARTHA ARGERICH AND FRIENDS  Live from the Lugano Festival"  EMI  4 76871 2




1. Prokofiev   Symphony No.1 in D major, Op.25  "Classical Symphony"@iTranscription for 2 Pianos by Rikuya Terashimaj

@@@@@@@@ Piano 1: Martha Argerich      Piano 2: Yefim Bronfman

             (2004, June 21    Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano)

2. Tchaikovsky   The Nutcracker, Op.71a   -Suite from the ballet, Op.71  (Arrangement for two pianos: Nikolas Economou)

@@@@@@@@ Piano 1: Martha Argerich      Piano 2: Mirabela Dina

             (2003, June 22    Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano)

3. Shostakovich   Trio for Piano, Violin and Violoncello No.2 in E minor, Op.67

@@@@@@@@ Piano: Martha Argerich      Violin: Maxim Vengerov      Cello: Gautier Capuçon

             (2004, June 14    Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano)



1. Brahms   Violin Sonata No.3 in D minor, Op.108

@@@@@@@@ Piano: Lilya Zilberstein      Violin: Maxim Vengerov

             (2004, June 14    Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano)

2. Schubert   Piano Trio No.1 in B-flat major, D.898

@@@@@@@@ Piano: Yefim Bronfman      Violin: Renaud Capuçon      Cello: Gautier Capuçon

             (2004, June 23    Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano)



3. Schumann   Piano Quintet in E-flat major, Op.44

@@@@@@@@ Piano: Martha Argerich      Violin: Dora Schwarzberg,   Renaud Capuçon     Viola: Romanoff-Schwarzberg    Cello: Mark Drobinsky

             (2002, June 27    Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano)

4. Schumann   Sonata No.1 for Violin and Piano in A minor, Op.105

@@@@@@@@ Piano: Martha Argerich      Violin: Géza Hosszu-Legocky

             (2004, June 23    Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano)

5. Dovořák   Piano QuintetNo.2 in E-flat major, Op.87

@@@@@@@@ Piano: Walter Delahunt      Violin: Renaud Capuçon     Viola: Lyda Chen    Cello: Gautier Capuçon

             (2002, June 24    Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano)


                             Recording :  Martha Argerich Project, Lugano Festival, 2002-2004

                   Artistic Direction:   Martha Argerich,  Jurg Grand

                              Producer:    Carlo Piccardi (RTSI),  David Groves (EMI)

                Recording & Editing:   Urlich Ruscher

                                  Photos:  Adriano Heitmann

                           Liner Notes:  Jeremy Siepmann


     EMI would like to dedicate these recordings to the memory of Jurg 'Abdul' Grand who founded and co-directed the Martha Argerich Project at the 2002 Lugano Festival. For fourteen years Jurg was responsible not only for bringing the great Martha Argerich to our label but also for maintaining extremely valuable relationships with a number of other major artists and artistic institutions associated with EMI. His style, personality, wisdom, humour and courage should remain an example to us all and he will not be forgotten.  (from CD: EMI  5 56654 2j