NHK Human Lecture 

  "The Light and Shadow of the International Competition"  by Hiroko Nakamura (Pianist).

Telecasted on April to May, 2003@@@@WepPages

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@6. The backstage of the competition.   i12 Mayj

@@@@Ms. Hiroko Nakamura (pianist) mentioned  "The Geneva International Music Competition (1957)" and  "the judgment of Pogorelich

      of The ‡] International Chopin Piano Competition (1980)".

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@7. Let's try to go to the competition.   i19 Mayj

@@@@This TV program telecasted the photograph of the commendation ceremony of The 4th Hamamatsu International Piano Cpmpetition.

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@8. The piano competition in the 21st century.   i26 Mayj

@@@@Ms. Hiroko Nakamura (pianist) mentioned that Argerich visited The 4th Hamamatsu International Piano Cpmpetition to listen

      the preliminary of Dong-Hyek Lim between her concert tour in Japan.  And Argerich visited again to listen his final stage from Taipei.

      The jury surprised her appearance very much and recommend the jury seat to her. But she declined it and listened at ordinary seat.

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