First Release CD: SONY CLASSICAL SK 53978



1. Beethoven   The Creatures of Prometheus, Op.43  (Excerpts)

@@@@@@@Introduction: Allegro non troppo

@@@@@@@No.1: Poco adagio; Allegro con brio

@@@@@@@No.9: Adagio; Allegro molto

@@@@@@@No.10: Pastrale: Allegro

@@@@@@@No.14: Allegretto

@@@@@@@No.15: Adagio; Allegro

@@@@@@@No.16: Finale: Allegretto

2. Liszt   Symphonic Poem No.5  "Prometheus"

3. Scriabin   "Prométhée"  The Poem of Fire

@@@@@@@@@piano: Martha Argerich

@@@@@@@@@Berliner Singakademie (chorus master: Michael Zimmermann)

@@4. Nono   "Prometeo" Suite 1992  (Excerpts)

@@@@@@@3 Voci (a)  iText: after Walter Benjamin)

@@@@@@@Isola seconda: (b)  Höldelin  (Text: Hyperions Schicksalslied)

           @@@@ sop: Ingrid Ade-Jesemann,  Monika Bair-Ivenz

@@@@@@@@@alt: Susanne Otto    tenor: Peter Hall,  Ulrike Krumbiegel

@@@@@@@@@speaker: Ulrike Krumbiegel,  Mathias Schadock    bass flute: Michael Hasel

@@@@@@@@@contrabass clarinet: Manfred Preis

@@@@@@@@@euphonium & tuba: Christhart Gössling

@@@@@@@@@Solistenchor Freiburg (chorus master: André Richard)


@@@@ @ @Claudio Abbado/Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra


                      Recording Date:  23-25 May, 1992 (live)

                     Recording Place:  Philharmonie Hall, Berlin

                              Producer:  Thomas Frost

               Recording  Engineer:  Marcus Herzog

                      @  Liner Notes:   Gottfried Eberle


from CD: SONY CLASSICAL SK 53978 iphoto: Vivianne Purdomj