First Release CD: MEGADISC MDC 7822



1. Alexandre Rabinovitch   Die Zeit  (for four amplified instruments)  [2000] *

@@@@@@@1. Part 1:  I'élan

@@@@@@@2. Part 2:  L'horloge

@@@@@@@3. Part 3:  La durée

@@@@@@@@@amplified celesta: Martha Argerich    amplified violin : Lucia Hall

                      amplified cello: Mark Drobinsky    amplified piano: Alexandre Rabinovitch

2. @  Recit de Voyage  (for four instruments)  [1976] 

@@@@@@@@@@@@violin: Jean Piguet    cello: Mark Drobinsky

@@@@@@@@@@@@percussions: Frédéric Macarez    piano: Alexandre Rabinovitch

3. @@Perpetuum Mobile  (for amplified cello and amplified piano)  [1975] 

                      cello: Mark Drobinsky    piano: Alexandre Rabinovitch

4. @@Musique Expressive...  (for piano)  [1976] 

                           piano: Anton Batagov


                           Recording Date:   * 20 December, 2000 ilivej

                     Recording Place:   * The Köln Philharmonic Hall, Köln

                   Artistic Direction:   Patric De Clerck

                Executive Producer  Rick J.B. Urmel

        Reediting & Remastering:    Jean-Pierre Bouquet

                          Front Cover:   Ilse D'Hollander "Untitlrd" (1996)   

                      @  Liner Notes:   Alexandre Rabinovitch