First Release LP: Deutsche Grammophon  2531 201 (after this, 419 860-1,etc.)

   First Release CD:419 860-2 (but recording order is 1, 3, 2j



1. Chopin   Sonata for Piano and Violoncello in G minor, Op.65

@@@@@@@1.@Allegro moderato

@@@@@@@2.@Scherzo. Allegro con brio


@@@@@@@4.@Finale. Allegro

          -₯-₯-₯-₯-₯-₯-₯--₯-₯-₯--₯-₯-₯-(LP: side change)

@@2. Schumann   Adagio and Allegro for Violoncello and Piano in A-flat minor, Op.70

@@@@@@@@@iArr.: Friedrich Grutzmacher   Peters Editionj

@@3. Chopin   Introduction et polonaise brillante, Op.3


@@@@@              Violoncello: Mstislav Rostropovich


                           Recording Date:  21-23 March, 1980

                     Recording Place:  Herkulessal, München

                Recording ProducerCord Garben

                                Director:  Cord Garben

Tonmeister (Barance Engineer):  Karl-August Naegler

                                   Editing:@Jürgen Bulgrin

                                   Photo:  Studio Cantzler

                           Liner Notes:  LP & CD: Knut Franke