Tokyo FM: "Salzburg Festival"@ Cassette Tape


@@1. Schubert   Rondo in D major, Op.138  D.608

            @@@@Piano 1: Martha Argerich      Piano 2: Alexander Rabinovitch

@@2. Alexandre Rabinovitch   Music Populaire,  pour deux pianos

            @@Piano 1: Martha Argerich      Piano 2: Alexandre Rabinovitch

@@3. Bartók   Sonata for 2 pianos and percussion Sz110

@@@@@@@@@ Piano 1: Nelson Freire      Piano 2: Martha Argerich

@@@@@@@@@ Percussion: Peter Sadlo,  Edgar Guggeis


                      Recording Date:  25 August, 1990@ - from "Salzburg Festival"  (live)

                     Recording Place:  Kleines Festspielhaus, Salzburg

                              Recording:  ORF.    Broadcasted by Tokyo FM i27 January, 1991)

                                                 * I inquired to FM Tokyo regarding the distorted sound and was explained

                                                    that they had the compressor (normally used in the traffic report program)

                                                    on when broadcasting.

                              Comment:  Midori Tanaka


*Various forms of bootleg CDs have been released. I am presenting a sample.



Recording: 1