1. Beethoven   Piano Concerto No.1 in C major, Op.15

                        Mosche Atzmon/S.O. des Norddeutschen Rundfunks.

                                   23 August, 1976     Musikhalle, Hamburg.

                                   Radio studio recording (NDR).


 2. Brahms   Sonata for Two Pianos in F minor,@Op.34b

 3. Tchaikovsky   The Nutcracker, Op.71a   - Suite from the ballet, Op.71  (Arrangement for two pianos: Nikolas Economou)

            - Dance of the Sugar - plum Fairy

 4. Milhaud   Scaramouche  - "Brasileira"

                         Piano 1: Martha Argerich,  Piano 2: Lilya Zilberstein

                                        1998  Stuttgart/live  or  30 June, 2000  Theater am Forum, Ludwigsburg/live

                                   Radio live broadcast.