Left: First Release CD: Doremi DHR-8040


1. Beethoven   Three Sonatas for Piano and Violin in E-flat major, Op.12-3

2. Prokofiev   Sonata foe Solo Violin in D major, Op.115

3. Bartók   Sonatina for Violin and Piano in D major on Folk Songs from Transylvania (arr. from Piano Sonata of 1915 by André Gertler)

4. Bartók   Sonatina for Solo Violin

5. Sarasate   Introduction and Tarantella Op.43

             Violin: Ruggiero Ricci      Piano: Martha Argerich

                                   21 April, 1961    Leningrad (live)


6. Ravel   Piano Concerto in G major

                        Ernest Bour/SO des Südwestfunks Baden-Baden

                                   4 February, 1960    Studio 5, Baden-Baden    Radio studio recording


                           Liner Notes:  Jack Silver