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NHK-E  Martha Argerich & Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra  "Music for Peace !"    Broadcasted on 30 August, 2015@@BD-R

11 August, 2016 at the Suntory Hall, Tokyo



@1. Interview

@2. Beethoven   Egmont Overture Op.84

@3. Beethoven   Piano Concerto No.1 in C major, Op.15  - Rehearsal

@@@@@@@@@Piano: Martha Argerich

@4. Interview

@5. Chopin   Mazurka in F minor, Op.63-2

         @@@   Piano: Martha Argerich@@(Using by the piano of atomic-bomb victims.)

                     Pleaase also see; The Piano That Loved Chopin  in Japanese
                                     Martha Argerich appears!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@

@6. Tamiki Hara   "Recuiem"  excerps

@@@@@@Recitation: Keiichiro Hirano/Annie Dutoit

@7. Beethoven   Piano Concerto No.1 in C major, Op.15

@@@@@@@@@Piano: Martha Argerich

@8. Charles Reznikoff  "Holocaust"  excerps  itranslated by Keiichiro Hirano)

@@@@@@Recitation: Annie Dutoit/Keiichiro Hirano

@9. Hindemith   Symphony "Die Harmonie der Welt"

@@@@@@Kzuyoshi Akiyama/Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra


@@@@@@@@@@@@@* About the information of this concert is HERE.