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        This website is a compilation of records, CDs and live images of my most profound and renowned pianist Martha Argerich. This is from my personal archives since 1972 with the belief that her great performances should be recorded to be shared as a treasure for many generations to come. For a distinguished artist like Argerich, by sorting out and understanding when and where each recording had been made, one can find himself with a stronger appreciation for her talent. However, although more numerous recordings from various eras had been compiled with the advent of compact disks, we can also find that they have created a confusion due to insufficient date or worse still, at times even with inaccurate information. I have attempted to create an extensive and accurate database, often times conducting extra research for accuracy and additional information. It would give me great pleasure if you can note any appreciation for my hard work. Records and CDs are listed mainly with those first published. However, since I am not a perfect collector of her works, the list can be incomplete. Would great appreciate it, if you can CONTACT ME with corrections and/or additions.  Also, the list is based on what were available on the market. Some recordings with great historical value could be missing simply because proper authorization could not be acquired from the artist. Once cleared, I hope they would also be added to the database. Special thanks to Mr. Björn Östlund , Ms. Maria Elena Hartung, Ms. Julie Resh, Mr. Michael Glover, Mr. Jacques Vial, Mr. Ates Tanin and Mr. Quinten Huisman who has kindly provided me with many live recordings and information.

      * I have started compiling this database from around 1990, initially using a word processor. Transferring the information to suit the website is now being begun. This is still in the beginning stage, listing the records in their chronological order, then the CDs. I hope to go further to eventually compile visuals from live performances.  Updating on a daily basis can be challenging at times, especially finding the time every single day. However, if you would bear with me, I shall be happy to continue working on this until we can make the site most presentable for all.


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Concert Recordings
in Japan




@Official LPs, CDs, VIDEOs, LDs and DVDsFinished with update.
  Broadcasted Recordings: It is published until 2000.
@Bootleg CDs: The 3 CDs are left over.
@Private Recordings: It is published until 1979.  Update : undecided

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    "The Young Prince and the Young Princess" for Cello and Piano

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